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The Engineer’s productivity app

Veamly isn’t just another app. It was built to make you focused. With intelligent sorting of all your messages, streamlined integrations across your apps and insights on your productivity, you will truly feel accomplished.

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Do you feel trapped in this loop every day?

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Playing catch-up

You’re constantly playing catch-up in every single channel, all-day everyday, trying to get back to everyone in a timely manner.

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Burned time on “digging”

You spend tons of time searching for that one message from.. Wait who said that again? Didn’t that come through email? Or was it Slack? 🤔

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Pressure to respond

You want to be on top. of your game, but find all your conversations, chat , emails, and comments to be overwhelming. What’s the most important thing to respond to?

If you nodded "Yes" to any of these,
there's a 100% better way

Bring all of your collaboration apps all in one place to boost your
productivity and get everything done

An easy and reliable way to manage your communications

An easy and reliable way to manage your communications

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A desktop app for your work apps, getting you to your true focus.


Veamly was built to help you focus on what matters. We built our smart interface on top of your apps to help you be at least 3 times more productive.

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One interface for all your communications

Veamly brings all the apps you use everyday togther, becoming the interoperable app for all your apps. It then puts one interface on top with all your logs of communication.

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Spend less time on unecessary interruptions

With its minimal design, fast shortcuts and intelligent feed, veamly removes the interuptive effect of notifications, gives you control back over your communications and lets you focus on your code like never before


Get true insights on your productivity

For the first time ever, Veamly gives you true insights on how well you are balancing your focus time versus your collaboration time. Truly find your work life balance and get more accomplished on your workday so you enjoy a true break after hours.

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Built for engineers,
trusted by everyone

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Security is our priority

We protect your data with our life. We offer security measures like SSO and we securely manage your data to protect your interests and your privacy.

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Everything asynchronous

Veamly lets you transform all your communication into asynchronous mode so you can focus on feature building while never making you miss any important conversation across your apps

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Never compromise

You want to be responsive and not miss out on anything but you also want to focus on your code. You don’t have to choose, Veamly allows to make it all happen in a super productive way.

The fastest way ever built to go through your apps


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Don't Just Take Our Word

Sven Maschek, Technical Evangelist at Hull
Sven Maschek

“ Having a central dashboard for all incoming requests that labels and prioritizes discussions enables us to focus on important issues first without browsing through a multitude of channels.”

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