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Emna here, CEO and co-founder of Veamly.

We hear a lot the word burnout but come to think of it, the symptoms aren’t necessarily obvious. Most of the time, we actually don’t even think we are burning out, until it is too late. Remote workers are more prone to burnout. They need to be aware of its risks, spot the symptoms at their early stages and pro-actively avoid them.

Understanding the symptoms of burnout and learning how to prevent them is more crucial than ever in a time where work as we know it is simply over.

As the world is preparing for a  WFA standard (work from anywhere), I wanted to give you a quick guide to help you with your wellbeing while in remote.


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Here’s what I advise you to do to help reduce it as much as you can:

ADOPT calendar blocking ( we shared here how we make this work at our company and how it tremendously improved our productivity as a team).

COMMUNICATE with your manager / with your team and optimize the number of meetings to essential ones

EMBRACE asynchronous communication: more than ever you need to get rid of your fake sense of urgency provoked by notifications. 99% of the time, nothing needs your attention right away.

Graphic of the month :

Remote team burnout symptoms

Catching the burnout symptoms early enough will help you address them right away, like with a couple of days off and 2 weeks at most. If you wait too long, you might need to be out of commission sometimes for a couple of years. Not only it is terrible for your health but also for planning a healthy life and reaching your goals , personal and professional.

Productivity read :

After the first step of educating yourself about burnout, it is time to take action. Sometimes simple things like planning your breaks can make a HUGE difference. Read below and implement the actionable advice to help you prioritize your wellbeing.

Yes, you can still do great work without experiencing burnouts

Productivity video :

I wanted to share with you this unfiltered talk I had with Darren Murph, one of the top remote experts at Gitlab  where you can truly understand what it takes to be successful , productive and balanced as a remote worker.
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