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Hey friends! 👋

Emna here, CEO and co-founder of Veamly.

I don't remember the last time I walked on the streets of San Francisco and felt this weird sense of inner peace.

Silicon Valley doesn't feel like Silicon Valley anymore. Due to the pandemic, many are leaving the bay area as their companies shifted to remote.

This led me a bit to take a step back and revisit the history of the valley, work culture and the true meaning of happiness.

I wanted to cover in this issue how remote work is reshaping our views on work, happiness and life satisfaction overall.


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Getting in the habit of scheduling your meal times will help you better manage your focus time and planned interruptions.

Graphic of the month :

Finding Balance Through Remote Work

You mention remote work and most people start fantasizing about drinking pina colada on a sandy bitch in Mexico. As the pandemic forced us to stay home, burnout started lingering around the corner. Most remote workers don't know how to relax. This is especially true for software engineers who do crunches in the midst of tight deadlines. Every minute counts. Taking breaks is beneficial as shown in the graphic below.

Staying Productive WFH - Courtesy of Visme

Productivity read :

I have been living in the bay area for over 6 years. As an entrepreneur, I am grateful I have the chance to connect with smart people almost everywhere. The Valley is for sure a concentrated talent hub. Yet, as the world is celebrating the rise of remote work, a new era is tapping into unlocked new talent hubs and shifting the way we work. So, Silicon Valley might be losing the X factor it has had for decades: serendipity.

This is how remote work is changing Silicon Valley as we know it

Productivity Video :

Over the past three years, I have been digging deeper into well-being, mental health and what it takes to have a fulfilling life both at home and at work. Few days ago, I stumbled upon this mini documentary produced by CNBC on why Finland and Denmark are happier than the US.

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