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Editor's note

Hey friends,

It's no secret that I am passionate about productivity and as I always say my holy trifecta is communication, process, and data all-around people. But with the pandemic and the rise of remote work. I have seen a lot of people push on productivity tips and hacks.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for making the most out of our time. Yet, it's important to be intentional about our productivity. After all,  it's not a sport. It's barely a mean to an end: living a fulfilling happy life that we are proud of.

In this issue, I wanted to address that and provide a better understanding of intentional productivity in a post Covid 19 world.Enjoy!

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Use calendar blocking to have full visibility on what needs to be done and when it needs to be done as long as you stick to a realistic  timeline.

Graphic of the month :

Be protective of your own time

Most people complain about not having enough time. They jokingly say they need more than 24h per day to make things happen. As a productivity guru, I know that's not the problem. I also know that applying every single productivity tip in the book blindly won't turn your life around. The first step in the right direction is to track all your losses and be protective of your own time as shown in the graph below:

Where time gets lost at work -Courtesy of Scoro

Productivity read :

The pandemic has forced us to adapt quickly. We ditched old habits and we replaced them with new ones. Productivity has become as mainstream as any topic can be. And yes at first, it was exciting to see people participate in thoughtful exchanges and fruitful conversations. Somehow midway, we derailed. What started as a thought provoking conversation has turned into something bigger but mostly unhealthy.

This is  what happens when productivity becomes an addiction

Productivity podcast :

Avoiding distractions in this day and age is no easy feat. Also, staying productive is not magic. You need a system in place and you need to understand that it's all about balance. In the latest episode of our engineering & productivity podcast, I sat down with Nir Eyal, best selling author of Indistractible to debunk a lot many productivity myths and define what it truly means to be indistractible.

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