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Editor's note

Hey friends,

Earlier this year, I launched my digital-wellbeing newsletter. And this got me thinking about the reasons many people find it hard to apply these tips and productivity hacks in general. Distractions are always getting the short end of the stick: lack of self self-awareness.

In this issue, I wanted to address that and explain how self awareness can make or break your productivity.Enjoy!

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Calendar blocking shifts your mindset and teaches you, to begin with, how to be truly intentional about your time and eventually get things done.

Graphic of the month :

Start with Self awareness

Self-awareness is often attributed to understanding one's self down to its core: emotions, actions, reactions. But the reality is, self awareness comes in different flavors: internal and external.

When it comes to external self awareness, people who are good at knowing how others perceive them show a greater sense of empathy.

External and internal self awareness are related to one another and in this map, Dr. Tasha Eurich explains this relationship:

The four self-Awareness Archetypes  - Courtesy of Dr. Tasha Eurich

Productivity read :

As a productivity guru and a process optimization expert, I know for a fact that productivity tips won't actually do you much if you don't actively ensure their sustainability. At Veamly, self awareness is one of our core values because we believe knowing yourself and those around you is the key.

This is  how self-awareness can help you level up your productivity meter

Productivity podcast :

Building my dream company has been an ongoing journey full of learnings.

Regardless of the ups and owns, I have come to understand the importance of self awareness in unlocking one's wellbeing journey.

In the latest episode of our engineering & productivity podcast, I sat down with Yasmeen Turayhi, Product Marketing Executive in Silicon Valley to break down the pillars of product marketing and how that experience has fueled her wellbeing journey.

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