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Editor's note

Hey friends,

As we are slowly welcoming Gen Z to the workforce, millennials are slowly fading in the background.

On top of that, the pandemic has deepened their continuous struggle to find meaning in the work they do and has increased their challenge to maintain work/life balance and to live the happy life they deserve especially in the tech industry.

In this issue, I wanted to address that and provide the appropriate toolbox to deal with this.Enjoy!

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At its core, time management lies in your capability to handle discomfort and to understand your tendencies at work.

Graphic of the month :

What's your tendency at work?  

As a manager and a leader, I understand that people handle discomfort and obligations differently especially at work. Gretchen Rubin's framework demystifies the elephant in the room. Armed with this knowledge, you will gain more clarity. The graphic below breaks it down for you.

The four Tendencies by Gretchen Ruben - Courtesy of Bestselfco

Productivity read :

As a fellow millennial, I have always been impact driven in everything I do. Over the past decade, we have seen backpackers worldwide work from the comfort of their laptops. Remote has skyrocketed in popularity because of that. Yet when the pandemic hit, despite the shake down

This is still what motivates Millennials to work

Productivity podcast :

I believe that having a strong why is what makes or breaks the work you do. But sometimes, things get blurry, millennials in particular, are the most prone and exposed to the toxic hustle culture.

In the latest episode of our engineering & productivity podcast, I sat down with Charity Majors, Co-founder & CTO of honeycomb infrastructure, engineering productivity and in the between.

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