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Editor's note

Hey friends,

I am a firm believer that great people make great products nay companies. However, as a CEO who has been running multiple ventures, I can't shake the fact that work sometimes can be stressful.

This is the exception, not the rule.

In this issue, I wanted to share tips on how to develop mental toughness on the job.


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The ability to have difficult conversations as as soon as an issue rises eliminates blockers and makes more productive.

Grarphic of the month :

Meet your meta-feelings

The hardest thing about being a CEO is not making a sale or building the business. It's people. Everyone comes to work with some baggage. Understanding yourself comes a long to contribute to your mental toughness.

When you process your feelings properly and fully understand why you act in a certain way, you take control back. This is beneficial when you are dealing witha stressful case at work. That's why at Veamly, self awareness is one of our core values :)

Meet your meta-feelings - Courtesy of Mark Manson

April 1, 2021

Productivity read :

This is  how to prioritize your wellbeing when starting a new job

The pandemic has reshaped the job market and brought up conversations around wellbeing and mental health. As many companies downsized, many now ex employees found themselves job hunting again. Landing a new opportunity is only half the battle.

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