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Veamly lite is your digital wellbeing advocate to help you reach optimum productivity in a hybrid work model. Thanks to the data provided on your weekly wellbeing analytics, you will be able to optimize your workday and take care of yourself following the personalized insights & recommendations.
Track your time spent across apps, unlock achievements, and get powerful insights to increase your productivity.
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Get your wellbeing on track

Veamly lite will help engineering teams understand their patterns when it comes to time expenditure and give them a full wellbeing assessment that will help them eventually start their wellbeing journey.

Wellbeing assessment to kick-off your wellbeing journey.
Designed by engineers for engineers,
A holistic view of your team's communication
Stay in sync with your team without losing focus of your high value tasks. Veamly allows you to check only the conversations that matter.
A data driven approach to keep your engineering team at their best
Veamly provides you with relevant metrics to make sure your team is actually getting real work done, prevent burnout and maximize your team's digital wellbeing.
Unlock insights and recommendations at scale
Get extensive on demand insights and recommendations to take your team and organization to the next level.
Track your time
Have visibility on how you are spending your time across your apps and get real data to understand your patterns and identify areas of improvement .
Unlock insights
Get weekly detailed insights that will help you perform better at work and achieve work life balance in the long run.
Stay accountable
Veamly Lite allows you to share your progress with your colleagues in order to stay on track and motivate them to join you on the journey.
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